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On the road again! Running Round Wales

November 19, 2018

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On the road again! Running Round Wales

November 19, 2018



What a week to begin this Winter!

In six days I clocked up 116 miles and, despite some limping moments, an average of 46,500 steps a day. To put this in context, I barely made it to 40,000 total steps over the entire week leading up to this run. 



I’ve regained my love of porridge (luckily, because there really is no other option for breakfast in a field), lost my sense of smell (also lucky…) and discovered a whole new form of swag (that most people would call limping, but which with the help of a foam roller has reduced to an shuffling gait!). In all seriousness it has gone really well and I have had a wonderful time of it so far! 



It’s been painful getting into the stride of it, coaxing my aching legs to keep moving when it feels like I’ve been pummelling the soles of my feet with a hammer. It appears that I have not grown out of my tendency towards getting lost nor my fear of cows. The other day I spend a whole two hours detouring around a herd of free roaming bovine beasts through the sand dunes outside of Port Talbot, wading through the marsh land trying to find a river crossing that did not exist beyond my map before circling back to where I started; the herd having gotten bored in the meantime time and moved on to hassle some other poor walker. 



After the sleet storm on day 1 I thought I might be in for a wet few days but the sky gods have favoured me and it has been blissfully dry and remarkably sunny. The first night wild camping I didn’t expect to be as nervous as I was. I spent nearly an hour trying to decide on a camping spot as it got darker and darker. I never want to pick a spot in the dark as you don’t get a real sense of where you are and what’s nearby. Having dismissed several ok spots that were just a little too close to dog walking routes and farm buildings for my liking if found the perfect patch of grass just a small jump over a stream- my own little island! I settled in for a night of David Attenborough’s Dynasties under the stars. 



Fast forward to my first day off yesterday, which began rather differently from emerging out of my tent! My Couchsurfing host introduced me to a few Kung fu exercises and meditative poses before we had a breakfast of homemade soya milk before I wandered off for a coffee by Swansea docks in the unexpected sun. My friend picked me up for a drive to the Gower and a fish pie dinner at Worms Head. Sticky toffee pudding under and orange glowing sunset topped off one of the best days this week (and with no running involved at all…)  

Back on the trails again today - off to run the Mumbles this afternoon and a couple of nights camping around the Gower. Stay tuned!  

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